Crowd-sourcing the truth

Hello friends … I’m working (very slowly) on a novel that involves a religion I’m inventing. One of the pillars of this religion is the concept of a “true saying.”

True sayings are born when a master/priest/rabbi/teacher (the term is still undetermined, but you get the idea) imparts his/her wisdom to a student. That is a personal truth (1 degree). If the student finds this thing to be true, he/she passes it on as a truth of the second generation. If the truth is passed down to the seventh generation, it can then be passed on as a “true saying” or a “true thing.”

Obviously, this system is fraught with dangers, which I plan to explore and exploit in the story … but for now …

If you were a spiritual teacher, what would you pass on as a tested truth? If this is something that your mother or your grandfather told you, have you tested it and would pass it on? And on a related note, what received “truths” of society do you find to be false?

I’m interested in everything from the proverbial (“a stitch in time, saves nine”) to the philosophical (“I think, therefore I am”) to the spiritual (“Love is stronger than fear”).

What are your truths?