Individual text work – Step 1 – Embodying the text

First, read Patsy Rodenburg’s book Speaking Shakespeare. It is the excellent material on which this sequence is based. I have used shorthand and reference … for the detail, read Patsy.

The text work each actor must do has three steps: the physical, the intellectual, the emotional/imaginative. I think it’s a genius concept of Patsy’s to build the work in that order. Most actors I’ve run across easily slip into the intellectual and the emotional, and can build bad habits from the get-go if the work starts there Continue reading


Text-based character exploration

PURPOSE: Review what the main characters say about themselves and what is said of them by others.

WHEN & WHY:  This should be done early in the rehearsal process, so that people get anchored in the text before they make too many assumptions about their characters that may be off-base. Continue reading